Unique and intricate designs inspired by

your ideas & the latest trends

filled with unforgettably delicious cake

Faux Wedding Cake Rentals

Rent a beautifully crafted and well-maintained wedding cake that would serve as a master centerpiece at your venue.

Customised Cakes

Get figurine, novelty or a uniquely designed cake for your children’s’ birthdays, company anniversaries and more

Wedding Cake

Looking for a Wedding cake that is carefully designed according to your themes, interests, guest lists and budget?

Birthday Cake

We have a Birthday cake for all ages. We do novelty, elegant and figurine cakes for 1st to 90th Birthdays!

What our customers say about our cakes & desserts

(Image) Wedding cakes - Tiffany ribbon

“The cakes you guys made for our wedding and for my husband’s mom were simple yet elegant and they tasted excellent too. Especially for our wedding cake, though it was a very last minute requirement, I wanted the decoration to be comical but you guys did tried hard to find what I wanted and I really appreciate it. Thank you to be part of your wedding and make it complete” – Olivia  

(Image) Cake - Birthday Cakes Singapore - 50 with Purple decor & Stars

“The cake was lovely on both occasions in my opinion however I had feedback that it was too sweet the second time round.. But I totally understand and being a baker myself, with fondant it is a standard amount of sweetness. But overall it was very good both times round in regards to design and the cake flavors.” – Cheryl  

(Image) Cake - Wedding Cake - Spatula with cascading floral

“Hey Carousel Moments thanks for being our cake vendor and everyone was impressed with the wedding flowers you guys made. Everything was so great.” – Liz  

(Image) Customized Cakes - Birthday Cakes - Semi Leopard printed

and look at the amazing designs on the cakes is only trumped by the taste of the cupcakes. Highly recommend the Choc Cherry and Mojito (yes that’s right!) flavors. The cakes are also sinfully good and the owners really try their best to cater to the budget and design preferences.  Simply an amazing place visually and on the taste buds!  

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The Carousel Moments Journal

2014 was our year of learning. We put ourselves out there and took daring steps to give people what they wanted and we are more than satisfied with all that we have achieved. And with that, we say “Keep em’ comin!” to all challenges! To merely say we have achieved something would be too vague to get anyone salivating, so here are some numbers (only over the past 4 months) to chew on: Over 70 desserts & cakes sold (Not including customized cakes) 20 design variations of customized cakes 3 new desserts (Rum balls, Mojito cupcake, Signature cakes) In 2014 our focus was TASTE, TASTE & TASTE! We only brought the best to people and that’s what we will to keep at. It’s a promise! And in 2015? Well we are going to extend additional efforts into taking our customized cakes DESIGN to new heights! What do we mean? More varieties, ... Read More

As promised, this is our line-up for the year, at least as much as we can reveal for now ;) New desserts As much as we have an ambitious aspiration to take our designs to the next level, we will never forgo, the most important factor, in any kind of dessert and in life (for the most of us!) TASTE! So we are going to get a little more daring with a few new treats that are unique and occupy a whole different dimension in the dessert category. And of course, BY POPULAR DEMAND, We will also be concocting new & exciting cupcake flavours! More customized cake designs We are going to explore more innovative designs for our customized cakes catered not only to WEDDINGS but BIRTHDAYS for adults & kids as well! Look out for a few designs coming up in the next few days. Recently, many lovely people have ... Read More

Couples often deal with the crisis of decided how much they should spend on wedding cakes. As much as deciding on a budget is not a straightforward process, it is not very complicated either. We have listed a few tips to help you get started! 1. Do your digging! Start with your research on various cake shops to find out how much wedding cakes cost generally. To find out prices, you do not have to enter into the entire process of consultations and tasting sessions, you would just need to enquire on prices of a bakery’s past cakes. Another way to find out cake prices would be to ask the people you already know; friends and family. Find out where they got their wedding cake from, how many people the cake fed, and how much it cost. Also, get pictures and as many details as you can! That would be ... Read More

With the growing trend of wedding cakes in Singapore, there has been birth of a new culture, namely, wedding cake dummies! So why is this becoming a trend and how does it work? Well, a wedding cake serves as the grandest center piece in a wedding hall with various significances relative to culture and religion. With beautification as a high priority some couples rather spend their money on more extensive designs. Of course, they do order separate cake slabs for their wonderful guests as dessert, but wedding cakes generally cost lesser when they are not done with real cake! Another reason, for the above preference, is because couples want a grand wedding cake but do not require that much real cake for their guests! In this scenario couples request for 1-2 tiers of real cake and the rest as dummies.  So here is another option for you wonderful young wedders to consider when discussing the matter ... Read More