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(Image) Wedding cake - Floral cascading with bundle - For Post

We have decided to write this article for anyone who needs some serious cake for their most lovely wedding, R.O.M, etc. Knowing these factors would help reduce back-and-forth, misunderstandings and in some cases cake catastrophes during your wedding! We all want a smooth transition from the consultation stage to designing to delivery.

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(image) Wedding Cake - Whimsical with a touch of Navy 1

With a pastel colour palette it was hard for us to fit in navy blue elements that this awesome couple wanted but we did!

(Image) Wedding Cake - Shades of blue 5

October 13, 2015Shades of Blue

(Image) Wedding Cake - Hot Pink 2

September 23, 2015Hot Pink in the Midst

Mostly in a wedding cake we do not get many requests for stronger colours, but this time, it was obvious what this wonderful couple wanted. So here it is. Hot pink with shimmers in the middle tier. We went a little wild with the floral and decided to explore into our own hybrid of a hibiscus and cherry blossom. And to tone down the cake a little we did lime green leaves and buds stretching out into the open. This was a success. They loved it! In the end, this unique wedding cake took a beautiful turn into a Chinois theme and we are quite proud of this one.  


August 21, 2015Old English Classic

This cake was done with an old english theme in mind. The individual elements are not English inspired but the cake in it’s entirety was put together with Old English inspiration! Roses, henna work and little butterfly brooches. This cake was filled with Toffee date on the top tier and Chocolate with Orange icing on the bottom. Yum!

(Image) Birthday Cakes - Hockey Theme

August 20, 2015For a Hockey Player!

This cake was done for a hockey fan. We simulated her hockey jersey and threw on a few stars in red and gold shimmers!

(Image) Birthdays - Shirt Cake

August 20, 2015Shirt Cake

Our shirt cakes are clean, vintage and with style. The prop on top is interchangeable.

(Image) Birthdays - Teddy Cake

August 19, 2015Teddy

A simple cake with a Teddy Bear seated along a wild rose The entire cake is done with a marble texture in shades of purple.

(Image) Wedding Cake - Floral Fringe

August 19, 2015Pastel Floral Fringe

Floral Fringes (or at least that’s what WE call it!) are cascading arrangements that hang from the top of the cake slightly. This arrangement was done with hydrangeas, blossoms and roses with various pastel colours coming together seamlessly.

(Image) Customized Cakes - Wedding Cake - Peonies with leaf printing

Here’s a cake we did a while back for Her World Brides! Leaf printing on a sky blue square cake with orange peonies and little butterflies. This cake was measured 6″ x 8″. The best part about this cake was the leaf stamp printing. Although, very tedious, it was very worth it! Then again, for wedding cakes, anything is worth it! Although a winter wedding is not exactly the most common theme in Singapore or Asia for that matter, cake design is still perfect for a variety of other themes below. Themes: Winter wedding, baby blue, sky blue, indoor garden theme.

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