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Carousel Moments
Carousel Moments
Keeping it playful with an 'Under The Sea' themed cake, featuring a hand painted shark!!
Can you spot all the sea creatures featured on the cake?! #sgcakes
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Carousel Moments
Carousel Moments with Liena Mayang.
"Every rose has its thorn, just like every night has its dawn" 🎼 #poison #classic
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Carousel Moments
Carousel Moments
CONTEST: With Valentine’s Day around the corner, LOVE is in the air! But hey, we’re not going to sell you anything cheesy. We are giving you the MOTHER of all gifts: A WEDDING CAKE! Now how’s that for a gift? Log on to Instagram: @carousel.moments or our website for more details!
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Carousel Moments
Carousel Moments
Why be conventional when you can explore and experience something different!! We interviewed some of our brides and grooms, couples and friends to bring you 5 non-traditional and awesome honeymoon spots in Europe! So anyone been anywhere interesting lately? Tell usssss!!!! 😎
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Why be conventional when you can use the honeymoon to explore and experience something different!! So we bring you five non-traditional honeymoon spots in Europe! Get ready to make some memories.

(Image) Wedding cake - Floral cascading with bundle - For Post

We have decided to write this article for anyone who needs some serious cake for their most lovely wedding, R.O.M, etc. Knowing these factors would help reduce back-and-forth, misunderstandings and in some cases cake catastrophes during your wedding! We all want a smooth transition from the consultation stage to designing to delivery.

Sunday, July 12, 2015Bizarre Wedding themes

Today, every bride and groom wants their special day to be made all the more special with themed wedding plans. There are numerous themes that can be conjured and thought of. Those who prefer themed weddings have to work months in advance to see that the décor, guest list and their wedding wear, wedding cake and even the rituals taking place in the wedding occurs with the theme that they have chosen for their wedding. Here are five bizarre...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015Wedding cake dummies

(Image) Wedding Cake Dummies

With the growing trend of wedding cakes in Singapore, there has been birth of a new culture, namely, wedding cake dummies! So why is this becoming a trend and how does it work? Well, a wedding cake serves as the grandest center piece in a wedding hall with various significances relative to culture and religion. With beautification as a high priority some couples rather spend their money on more extensive designs. Of course, they do order separate cake slabs for their wonderful guests...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015How to budget for your wedding cake

(Image) Customised cakes - Wedding cakes

Couples often deal with the crisis of decided how much they should spend on wedding cakes. As much as deciding on a budget is not a straightforward process, it is not very complicated either. We have listed a few tips to help you get started! 1. Do your digging! Start with your research on various cake shops to find out how much wedding cakes cost generally. To find out prices, you do not have to enter into the entire...